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“Motivation gets you going, commitment keeps you going, hard work gets the results.”

I have been racing multi-sports since the early 90’s at the University of Iowa. I cut my teeth in duathlon, something I have dedicated my life to and have traveled the world, nearly died, lost and gained friends, lost jobs, gained and lost relationships because of it. But the gains and experiences have all been worth it and outweighed the losses. I have been a 8 time confirmed* All American (2014, 2012, 2009, 2008, 2005, 1998, 1996, 1995) with USAT (duathlon). I have been on numerous USAT Duathlon World Championship teams with a top 5 in the USA in my category at the olympic distance worlds in Spain in 2014 – my final duathlon (at this stage). I have had national and international rankings over the years. I have raced duathlon through 6 USAT age group categories, and have raced hundreds of them in total in numerous countries and states and of all distances. Duathlon will always be in my blood and I could always go back, but after over 20 years of doing it, I knew it was time for something profoundly new – a different type of challenge – as I had done all I had set out to do (and then some) in duathlon. I needed a new mental, physical, and endurance test.

This is where OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) comes in. Although I have raced all kinds of races along my multi-sports career (OCR, duathlon, mud runs, all distances of running road and trail, adventure racing, mountain bike racing, etc.) – as I never wanted to be a one trick pony – I really wanted to see what I could do if I went 100% into OCR and focused solely on that. I did the same thing years ago with trail racing, so I could take a duathlon break, and it worked out great. So for 2015 and 2016 (and likely 2017) I have worked uber hard to reinvent myself and I have become 100% dedicated to OCR racing, Spartan Races specifically but not solely, with the new goal to earn a top Masters Elite ranking and reputation. In 2015 I earned a 3rd in Category at Spartan OCR Worlds in Tahoe, I have had several Masters Elite wins and top placings since then in 2016. I have already earned a 2016 OCRWC slot for Canada and will be racing Spartan Worlds (coin heat) in Tahoe again for 2017.

For you scientific types, my thesis was titled, “The Influence of Two Schedules of Mental Practice upon the Performance of a Gross Motor Skill” (see it here) and the purpose of this study was to determine if two schedules of mental practice frequency (one-a-day or five-a-day), independent of any physical practice would significantly improve performance of a given gross motor skill task in comparison to a control. Additionally, the purpose was to determine if one of the two schedules of mental practice would improve task performance to a greater extent than the other. I believe in and use mental practice heavily in competition preparation and other skills (like shooting and archery) I involve myself in.

Some 2020 highlights:

  • 30th consecutive year raced – 9th yr of OCR
  • 4th Year Spartan Pro Team Member
  • Earned AG Gold at 1st 2 races in Valmorel France
  • Selected as Team USA Captain for TWC in Greece (2nd year)

Some 2019 highlights:

  • 29th consecutive year raced
  • 1st Overall World rank in 45-49 AG earned 3.25.19
  • 6th Overall World rank in all AG earned 3.25.19
  • Back to back gold 1st 45-49 AG Monterey
  • Earned Tahoe 45-49AG WC slot
  • Hit 100th Spartan Race (Fort Carson Colorado)
  • Picked to be Team USA captain for TriFecta World Champs in Greece
  • 3rd Year Spartan Pro Team Member
  • 4th Overall World ranking in my AG, 32nd overall in world in ALL AG

Some 2018 highlights:

  • 28th consecutive year raced – 8th yr of OCR
  • 12 month season, 2.67 pm/avg
  • 12 states raced
  • 4 countries raced
  • 32 OCR events
  • 3 brands raced
  • Hit 87th total @spartanrace
  • 11 podiums
  • +1100 obstacles raced
  • 4x Trifecta earned
  • 55th world rank of ALL ages
  • 21st world rank in
  • 11th ALL ages in US Champs Series
  • 5th in US Champs Series
  • 28th ALL ages at Trifecta WC
  • 9th at Trifecta WC
  • Clean race, no burpees @ Tahoe WC
  • Earned 1 of 1st ever Age Group podiums at 1st race of @spartan ’18 season
  • Closed out my final ’18 race w/ a podium
  • Called 4 races on @spartan FB Live (Dallas Stadion + #spartatwc2018 x3)
  • I filmed a year long @spartanuppodcast Friday series for ’19: The #spartanATHLETE

2017 has gifted me with a 27th year of racing. And, so far, a Team Captain position for last years 2016 winners – The Comeback Kids – on the NBC Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge (Season 2) to Air June 12. As well. I earned the 45-49 National Championship honors with 1st in my age (2nd overall) at the USA OCR Nationals in Miami hosted by Spartan Race and then a 1st also in Texas at the USOCR Championship. This earned me a Team USA slot to represent the USA at the Pan Am games in the Bahamas in the fall of 2017. I am also expecting to compete in the entire NBC Spartan US Championship Series. As well, I also already earned my “pro” slot for the OCRWC in Canada, but I am also opting to race age group there.

  • Turned 47 in January
  • 27th consecutive year racing endurance sports (goal)
  • Earned my official @spartan podium shirt #0071 (top goal)
  • 12 states raced (not goal)
  • 39 races (not goal)
  • 12 total podiums (top goal)
  • A podium in all 3 Trifecta distances (goal)
  • Top Elite Spartan Race Masters rankings in my age in.. World (6th) US Champs Series (1st) USA (4th) – (top goal)
  • National age group Title @ocrausa (top goal)
  • National age group Title @noramchamps (top goal)
  • Team Captain #comebackkids NBC Ultimate Team Challenge
  • Broken Skull Challenge contestant and got to brawl @robertkillian (major highlight)
  • 3rd 45-49 @OCRWC 3k
  • 3.25 race per month average 12 months raced (not goal)
  • 5 brands of OCR races (not goal)
  • 21st in @spartanrace NBC US Champs series (missed goal 1 spot; 60 points – oldest highest ranked male) (top goal)
  • 3x trifecta (not goal)
  • 18 Age group wins (45-49) (top goal)
  • 1x coin (not goal)
  • Elite Points Leader
  • “Pro” qualified for ocrwc, usaocr, usocr (goal)
  • 7th year working w/ Spartan Race as consultant (top goal)
  • Named USAOCR Pacific Coast Region Director
  • Attended 3rd training camp at an Olympic Training Center in a 2nd sport
  • 58 total spartan races since ’11
  • The obstacle I had the most trouble with: hurcules hoist

’17 is one of the most memorable race seasons in decades. Knocking out goals, grabbing opportunities, promoting my favorite OCR brand, making memories & friends (the BEST part), traveling like a motherfucker. I even needed to work in 2 unexpected early season TV shows; NBC UTC & BSC. Blessed & greatful. Praying for an equally productive 2018.

2016 saw a great year of racing for me. Some highlights were;

  • West Region Elite age SR= FIRST 1st
  • USA Elite age SR = 3rd
  • World Elite age SR = 6th
  • 9 age group wins at SR (45-49)
  • 5 SR podiums in masters elite
  • Top 20 in NBC Championships
  • Spartan 300 earned
  • Top 15 OCRWC age
  • ’17 & ’16 OCRWC pro qualified
  • 28 races total
  • 12 age wins overall
  • Top 5 in age in all but 4 races
  • 8 total podiums earned
  • 3x trifecta (not a goal)
  • 25th year of racing

*Confirmed by USAT in 2016. 1992-1994 & 2006-2007 they have no records so my status is unknown, though I raced all of those years and had a USAT license.

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