What does it mean? It means… if you don’t know what it means and what it stands for, you likely shouldn’t buy it. This logo and concept and design are 100% my design, idea and concept – so please don’t rip it off (or ask someone to copy my work and idea).. just buy one instead.  I have a very limited supply on this first run of my first version of this retro foam 10+1 truckers hat. This may be a 1 off design never to return and I might design a different one next.

Kevin Gillotti - 10plus1 If you buy one of my 10+1 hats, please be sure to tag me on Instagram @kevingillotti and post a photo and tag it something like #10plus1 #10plus1hat #10-plus-1 #10plus1inthechamber #tenplusone #ten-plus-one.

I will have other related 10+1 products in other calibers coming soon! So check back occasionally.

Description: Snap Back Retro Foam Truckers Hat
Color: Camo/Black/FDE
Name: 10+1 truckers hat
Design: 10+1 5.56 M855 green tip rounds screen printed
Cost: $24.99 includes FREE USPS shipping to the USA
Stock: in stock


*Please note, I am not a professional retailer, I am just a guy who likes to do stuff like this. So, please be patient as I might ship it same day, I might be gone racing and need a few days. I will also try to stay up on stock notices. What you see is what you get, which is only the hat – not my floor, not the vase, not the empty brass, not my backyard or spears. All sales final. No returns accepted. Trademark pending. If you are unsure of anything or have questions, ask first before buying please as I want people to be happy and satisfied.